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It’s essential to source, hire, and onboard seasonal employees who represent the best that your organization has to provide if your service relies on a seasonal workforce.

Numerous risks pester employers who need to supplement their full-time staff for the summer, for tax season, the holidays, or for any other portion of the year when business peaks. Most of these problems come from a failure of the business’s leadership to commit enough energy and resources to assembling an optimum seasonal labor force.

In terms of seasonal labour within agriculture, we highly recommend choosing a business that is knowledgable within their field of the legislation and training required. For example, IComply is a horticultural and agricultural compliance consultancy that also works as a labour hire business. This duality allows them to not only take the required steps to make sure you have the best workforce but also ensures that you have a compliant and regulated labour force.

If you’re interested in the seasonal workers program or pacific labour scheme, we highly recommend you check out IComply’s articles here.

Are you ready to take a fresh look at your operations to see where you might improve your seasonal hiring? Consider these 11 techniques for recruiting seasonal employees when the yearly rush is on.

1. Compose Better Task Descriptions

Take time to ensure that your job descriptions for seasonal hires are precise, complete, and up-to-date.

Consider asking the author of the job description to spend a few hours watching a worker in the relevant position. When it comes to seasonal hiring, your customers won’t forgive bad service merely since it’s rendered by a seasonal worker.

2. Source Candidates Who Only Want Seasonal Work

If you can mine rich veins of prospects who simply want to work for the season, recruiting seasonal employees will go much more smoothly. Some companies have tapped into students who are taking some time to figure out what they wish to do. Frequently these candidates would choose the short-term nature of seasonal work compared to a longer-term dedication.

Within agriculture, the seasonal worker’s program and pacific labour scheme show the benefits of sourcing employees from overseas.

3. Dedicate More Resources to Successful Onboarding

If your seasonal staff is large, you should consider paying more attention– and cash– when it pertains to how you train new employees. Among the most typical errors is throwing seasonal hires on a sales floor with very little training or onboarding, viewing them as a way to fill a schedule rather than as business representatives to serve your customers. Providing seasonal workers with the sink-or-swim test might hurt your bottom line at the season’s end.

4. Consider Tools for High-Volume Hiring and Screening

If you’re hiring for many seasonal positions, you’ll probably benefit from using a talent management system. With seasonal hires, you have an extremely minimal window to get a return on your hiring investment.

5. Employ for Mindset as Much as Ability

Most seasonal work is about being versatile and getting up to speed rapidly, instead of offering an intricate skill set. Training needs to be so extensive, that companies don’t necessarily need somebody with experience. Rather, many employers who take part in seasonal hiring will search for reputable workers who can concentrate on higher-level skills like safety and customer care.

6. Provide Preference to “Same Time, Next Year” Candidates

Hiring a brand-new force of workers during every hectic season can be inefficient and stressful. If you can choose for prospects more than likely to return for another season, do so. It’ll improve the procedure when you begin hiring seasonal workers on the list below year and can construct a little bit more predictability into your preparation.

7. Do Not Cut Corners

You might be lured to save short-term expenses by bypassing some HR processes for seasonal employees. This can bring trouble on many fronts, from fielding baffled employees to running afoul of labour laws. So, keep your seasonal workers on your regular HR platform, and share systems and understanding to branch workplaces that are hiring for the season.

8. Do Not Assume Low Employment Rates Makes Seasonal Hiring Easy

When the economy varies, it is very important to keep in mind that greater unemployment does not necessarily mean that qualified prospects will line up at your door.

9. Use One Staffing Vendor

If you utilize multiple staffing suppliers, think about providing just one special for your seasonal hires. Staffing companies might be swamped hiring seasonal employees for lots of clients at once. If you guarantee one company all your services, they might be happier to go the extra mile to bring you the best seasonal workers.

Again we recommend IComply for agricultural seasonal work hiring. Their knowledge of agricultural compliance and rigorous training programs make the the best option in Australia.

10. Don’t Assume That All Your Seasonal Hires Are Short-term

Much of your seasonal employees will never ever be candidates for long-term positions, but some of them could be. Tag potential long-term hires early on, keeping close tabs on their efficiency. At the end of the season, examine their fitness for full-time employment.

Whether you’re hiring seasonal workers or an irreversible labor force, you always face the obstacle of knowing how to appeal to the best candidates. This can change each year – or perhaps each season – which is why it would help to keep tabs on the latest job market insights. Seek out labour recruitment services, like IComply, to make the most of your situation.